3P (play/pet/pee) Dog Doting


3P (play/pet/pee) Dog Doting

from 19.00

Our 3 P Dog Doting is custom-made - tailored specifically to cater to your dog’s needs. We offer walks/visits (depending both on your location and our staff availability). Whether you would like your dog to take a walk, have us reinforce basic obedience commands, have us give your dog a little play time, or you would simply like us to provide him or her with loving pats and cuddles, this is the service for you.

Pitous Pis Tout - Dogs And All will admit a limited number of dogs on walks to ensure we are able to cater to each dog's individual needs and to promote dog, walker and public safety. The number of dogs admitted to the outings will depend on the size of the dogs, and the equipment used.

20 minutes will be allotted for 1 - 2 dogs within a walker's care.

30 minutes will be allotted for more than 2 dogs within a walker's care.

Our initial consultation is free of charge and consists of the filling out of necessary forms as well as meeting both the client and their dog(s). Should you like, a "doggie diary checklist" will be kept and entries will be made following each visit. Please note that reservations must be processed at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute requests (less than 48 hours) are subject to a $10 fee.


$ 19          20 minutes (1 - 2 dogs)

$ 19          30 minutes (> 2 dogs)

$ 20        Saturday or Sunday

$ 266       14 visits/15th free

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  • Reservations made less than 48 hours in advanced are subject to an additional $10 fee.
  • A minimum surplus fee (time/gas) of $10 will be charged for services provided outside of our service area.
  • A minimum surplus fee of $10 will be charged for administering medicine to pets.
  • Extreme weather may curtail the length of services provided.