Park Play For Your Pooch


Park Play For Your Pooch

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Our Park Play service will provide your dog with play time and socialization as well as the mental, emotional and physical stimulation he or she needs. Outings consist of driving to homes to pick up dogs followed by 20, 30 or 45 fun-filled minutes of park play (times depend on the number of dogs in a walker's care - descriptions are given below). Please note that as of 2017 new Montreal city animal control regulation dictates that dog walkers can no longer frequent dog parks (within the 19 Montreal boroughs) with more than two dogs at a time.

Our initial consultation is free of charge and consists of the filling out of necessary forms as well as meeting both the client and their dog(s).

Private Park Play is a 20-minute park session in which only one dog will be in a walker's care. We encourage clients who wish to socialize their dogs to consider this option as our walkers are well versed in socialization training techniques and will be able to focus 100% of their attention on the pup in their care.

Semi Private Park Play is a 30-minute park session in which two dogs will be in a walker's care. Paired dogs will be of like temperament. Our walkers are trained to keep your dogs active and to encourage proper social skills during their park time.

Group park play is a 45-minute park session in which two dogs will be allotted to each walker present. There are times when volunteers and trainees will be in the company of our walkers. In these cases, we will extend park time to 45 minutes to allow a group of pup pals to take advantage of their time together.

Depending on pick up locations and number of dogs to be picked up, dogs can be in our care for up to 2 hours. However, clients will only be charged for the time spent at a city park. Should you like, a "doggie diary checklist" will be kept and entries will be made following each outing. Morning, mid-day, and afternoon time slots are available according to client needs. Flexibility in scheduling is appreciated. Please note that reservations must be processed at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute requests (less than 48 hours) are subject to a $10 fee.


$ 19          Weekdays

$ 20          Saturday/Sunday

$ 266        14 outings/15th free    

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  • Reservations made less than 48 hours in advanced are subject to an additional $10 fee.
  • A minimum surplus fee (time/gas) of $10 will be charged for services provided outside of our service area.
  • A minimum surplus fee of $10 will be charged for administering medicine to pets.
  • Extreme weather may curtail the length of services provided.