Leia, (AKA: Jellybean, Stinky Poo, Lei Lei, Energizer Bunny, Gremlin) is one of the most active dogs I've ever had. She could rival the best of them, including my long passed border collie, Echo. She takes her play time (my work time) at the park extremely seriously. She’s an A type personality who thrives when given the chance to play fetch.

To gain a little perspective on just how much she runs every day, I’ve calculated the distance she would have traveled had her play time been running along the Trans-Canada Highway. Starting in Saint John’s Newfoundland and calculating from the age of two months old, she would now have just passed the Ontario / Manitoba border. Leia is now eight + years old… Let’s see how long it will take her to make it to the Western most point in Canada bordering the Yukon!