Q: Why should I use Pitous Pis Tout - Dogs And All?

A: Loyalty, responsibility, professionalism and caring are just a few of the qualities to which we intend to adhere. Our clients are our partners. We share the responsibility of every pet under our care, and see ourselves as "part-time owners" of every animal and home that is entrusted to us.

We will provide your pet with the optimum care, attention, exercise, social interaction and love he/she needs. Should you be shopping around for a dog walker or a pet/home sitter, below is a list of points to keep in mind when considering Pitous Pis Tout - Dogs And All.

  • We are insured and bonded.
  • We are members of Pet Sitters International.
  • We can provide references upon demand.
  • We are honest, reliable, experienced and adept at what we do.
  • All employees are carefully screened and are insured and bonded while employed by Pitous Pis Tout - Dogs And All.
  • Employees are trained and experienced in animal care.
  • Our animal related education is ongoing.
  • We work all year round - in any type of weather.
  • Our prices are reasonable and competitive.
  • We are committed to making both you and your pet happy.


Q: What areas do you service?

A: We serve the following areas:

  • Anjou
  • Saint-Leonard
  • Montreal-North
  • Rivière des Prairies

If you live outside these areas of the city and you would like to hire one of our team members, feel free to contact us. We’ll try our best to accommodate you. For those living outside our service areas an additional charge will be added to the cost of our services.


Q: Do you ever take a vacation?

A: All of our team members will be granted vacation time. That said, your personal dog walker and/or pet/house sitter will inform you of the personal time they will be taking at least a week prior to their hiatus. We will be more than happy to arrange for another team member to step in. An initial meeting with an alternate walker and/or sitter will be arranged for your (and your pet’s) approval.


Q: What happens if I'm late in returning from my vacation?

A: To ensure proper pet and home care, we will continue to provide our services until we have confirmation that you have returned from your vacation. Please call us to inform us of any changes in your arrival time and/or date.


Q: How many copies of my house key do you need?

A: Pitous Pis Tout - Dogs And All requires two sets of keys to your home in case your regular walker or sitter is unavailable due to illness or emergency or in the case of accidental lock-out. Please make sure that both sets of keys are functional.


Q: Will you keep my house key safe?

A: All customer keys are stored in a locked key box, with coded labels to ensure both anonymity and security. Pitous Pis Tout - Dogs And All is insured and bonded.


Q: Can you justify your fees

A: We make sure that all of our prices are extremely competitive. Based upon maintaining our professional service, we keep these prices as low as we possibly can and we will only raise them when the cost of living (inflation) makes it mandatory to do so.