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All about Dogs And All and its owner, Tammy Pieters

Tammy has spent a great deal of time during her adult life observing and studying canine behaviour. In the process she attained years of hands-on experience in animal care and much knowledge in the human-canine relationship. Always fascinated by the wide array of canine training methods that were available for humans and their dogs, she examined a great many and extracted the most positive and the most influential to apply within her own life with her dogs.

"One of the biggest mistakes we make with our pets is we tend to humanize them; it’s our first instinct and of course, it’s only natural. After all we are human. What we have to keep in mind is that our pet’s behaviour is congenital as well. When it comes to instinct, our cats and dogs will trump us every time. They are the reigning matriarchs and patriarchs of instinct. What comes naturally to us (nurturing and giving affection) isn’t the only thing we should be allocating when it comes to our four legged companions. If we don’t provide strong leadership, they’ll assume the role, as is only natural to them. If we don’t give them adequate mental and physical exercise, they’ll, more than likely, find innovative and creative ways to expend their energy and entertain themselves. In order to attain the ideal relationships we desire with our pets we have to begin to think on their level - suppress our human ways a tad - respect them for what they are and where they’ve come from. We have to lead by example and not decree; we have to be patient, calm and consistent. Once we understand how they interact with one another - appreciate how they communicate through gestures and body language - and recognize some of the things that motivate their conduct, we’re well on our way to influencing how they behave in our environment."


Tammy owned a Boston Terrier for 14 years and was (up until the summer of 2007) the proud (and very busy) owner of an extremely active Border Collie named Echo. Abandoned on a highway in Saint Adele, Tammy adopted wise old Yoda (a Boston Terrier) 3 weeks before Echo passed away. Yoda was rescued at the ripe age of 11 and lived under Tammy's care for a year and a half before being diagnosed with cushings disease. He passed away during the winter of 2008. Leia (also a Boston Terrier) was adopted as a young pup and has come to appreciate the life she is living surrounded by dogs, cats and her favourite humans. Tammy has also saved numerous cats from animal shelters - finding stable homes for some - keeping a few under her loving care.

"I believe the hands on experience I’ve attained will be a great asset in nurturing a professional dog-walking/pet and home-sitting business. Animal behaviour has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It goes without saying that each of my experiences with the various pets I’ve had the fortune of caring for has enriched my life greatly."

For over a decade Tammy volunteered as a pet/house sitter and dog walker for a number of friends and colleagues. The experience, and the constant demand for her services, have been the inspiration in taking the next logical step and creating a professional dog-walking/pet and home-sitting business.

Pious Pis Tout – Dogs and All was established in 2006.



Tammy with Toto (left) and Leia (right)

Tammy with Toto (left) and Leia (right)

I believe the hands on experience I’ve attained will be a great asset in nurturing a professional dog-walking/pet and home-sitting business.
— Tammy Pieters